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Hand Woven Persian Rugs To Suit Any Space

Rugs 121 is a leading provider of timeless decor pieces, ranging from magnificent handmade Persian rugs to majestic furniture. Dedicated to providing you with the best possible service, we’re passionate about sourcing products that feature elegant designs for our online store.

Our online catalogue features a wide and inspiring variety of uniquely handmade Persian rugs for you to explore and love. Persian rugs are a traditional luxury home addition that can suit any space. All of our available hand woven Persian rugs are directly sourced from Iran and have been carefully picked due to their beauty, elegance and style.

Our various types of hand woven Persian rugs are ideal for decor lovers looking for rugs that are traditional, unique and classic. Our range includes Persian rugs that complement various types of spaces and homes, with a variety of styles, textures, colours and sizes available to ensure you find the exact rug you’re looking for.

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Handmade Persian rugs have been a sought-after decor piece for years, and at Rugs 121, we’re proud to stock some of the finest styles and top-quality fabrics. Passionate about providing you with the best customer service, we can talk you through our hand woven Persian rugs or help you find the perfect one for your home. Visit us at 301 Barkly Street, Footscray or call us on 0406 331 121 or 9687 5759 to learn more.