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Genuine Hand-Knotted Persian Rugs and Furniture

Choose a beautiful, genuine 100% hand-knotted rug at a fantastic price from our huge selection. Hand-knotted rugs last a lifetime and are one of the best value investments you can make for your home. Find the most diverse selection of hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs at Rug121.Our rugs are different to ‘imitation’ rugs sold by other retailers – our rugs are not machine made and do not contain poly fibres.

What Is the Difference Between a Persian Rug and a "regular" Oriental Carpet?

Oriental rugs are those carpets that were created in Asia. Asia is basically the area that extends from Cyprus and Iran in the west; to Turkey, China and Vietnam in the East; to the Caucasus in the north; and to India in the south.

Naturally, each of these regions has its own distinctive culture, religious traditions, and aesthetic ideals. That said, each of these locals produced rugs that are, in the Western world, referred to as "Oriental" which is simply the Latin word for "Eastern." Because this term is so broad, the distinctive types of Oriental rugs made throughout the Eastern world are often referred to by the specific region from which they emerged.

"Oriental Carpet" is a broad, all-encompassing term that is used to describe a wealth of different rug types. As such, there is a good amount of misunderstanding and confusion in the general population as to just what the term means.

Therefore, an "Oriental rug" might be a "Persian rug," a "Central Asian rug," a "Turkestanian rug," a "Chinese rug," and so forth - depending on the specific region where it was made.

Thus, all Persian rugs are Oriental rugs, but not all Oriental rugs are Persian rugs!